DIY Enclosure


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Hi all!!
Unfortunately, we got a little scammed and my Chams new larger enclosure we had commissioned fell through.
I had seen some interesting set ups using old china hutches that had been refurbished to suit a Cham and am thinking about getting a project like that started myself. I’m fairly crafty and have refurbished furniture before, but not for an animal enclosure obviously. If you guys have any tips or examples I would really appreciate it!!


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Don't start with anything that is made of particle board it won't stand up to the humidity for very long. Go for solid wood or at the very least plywood pieces.
If you do refurbish something, particle board is fairly easy to remove. It’s usually just stapled in. You can replace it with plywood. I’m in the process of doing that right now for my custom build. That being said, my cabinet is solid wood aside from the top, back and I’m only replacing some of the cabinet.
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