DIY Artificial Tree for free range


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So we all know that artificial trees are really expensive. Even it you can find one on Craigslist, they're still selling at a high dollar. So I was thinking about making my own 4-5' artificial trees.

I'm thinking about making 2 big 4-5' trees on a 24x24x24" table with a acrylic border up top. Then have vines connecting the 2 trees.

I'm going branch hunting today. So we'll see what I find :)
HEy Crazy Cham Lady!

Good luck on your twig hunt, good lord, only reptile and fish enthusiasts think that's normal!

I've had good luck wandering around in nature instead of stores, although someone did mention a 99 cent store and BedBath&Beyond and HomeGoods comes to mind as well if you have those around.

I did though, happen to have a tremendous amount of luck with the coastline this weekend. I couldn't BELIEVE the amount of PERFECT driftwood and wines I found, already cleaned by nature, at the beach. I thought, "What, are these people crazy? Nobody took this already?!" Alas, the only crazy person to be found was the person lugging 20lbs of twigs and logs 2 miles to her van. Good for exercise.

Otherwise, try aquabid too. A family member peruses around that site often as well and comes across lots of things such as that.
Neighbors had a peacan tree cut down I went over to see if I could get a branch... I got one huge branch that I don't really know what I'm going to do with and a smaller branch. The big one has some side branches that I can cut off and use. But they are both about 15' tall :rolleyes: so we will see
I can't wait to see what you put together. The in laws have a a couple of maples they took down so branches galore.
How did your branch hunting go? I'm so nervous to use stuff I've found outside for my chams.
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