Disappearing Eggs


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I'm 99% certain Clarice laid her first clutch of infertile eggs yesterday. I was so proud of her and relieved that it was drama free. She dug a deep hole that she worked on for a day or so. She had privacy and last I checked she was deep in her hole. The next day she finished covering the hole and was very skinny and exhausted, but otherwise returning to her normal coloration and temperament (sassy, but not murderous). She ate like she hasn't seen food in a month. All great signs.

Today, she willingly came out (GASP!) to get a superworm, another behavior she stopped during her hanky panky / gravid phase. She has spent the day outside on the porch and ate well, again. So while she's out of the cage I went digging for eggs...but I couldn't find them! She dug next to a plant, and possibly around it into a corner, but I couldn't find any eggs. I didn't dig everywhere as I'd have to remove nearly everything to do that, but I couldn't find them where I expected to.

I'm still confident she laid them, but this is our first clutch so need to defer to the experts here. Judging by her behavior, do you think we are good? Her enclosure is bioactive but she thinned out the isopods pretty well. Any major concern leaving the eggs in?


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A healthy population of isopods could take care of eggs pretty fast, but I'd expect you to find some sort of remnants if you immediately checked after she was done. Plus you said she ate a lot of them. With a bio I would just leave them in either way, that's free food for the cuc. They like to lay eggs in plant roots, up against hard surfaces like rocks, and other objects.
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