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Mr Green

Hi all,

I loaned my camera out a couple months ago to a friend and it does not look like I will be getting it back. My friend is giving me some money for the camera so I am about to start looking for a new one. Any recomendations? Looking for something under $200. Mainly interested in using it for my chameleons, vacations, and the occasional family/friend photo.
to be honest, for $200 you cant get any better than 3.0 mega pixels and that is fine for pic's for chams. I will also say you should use no flash and only natural lighting. Some cham's don't react well to bright flash. Most will already flare up from camera in there face. So I would say stay with major brands for your camera, I have always used olympus for my camera needs and have been happy with all the camera's I have used.
Yea, as chamfreak said $200 will be fine for what you need. I would recomend going to a review site ( and finding some recomendations for your price range. Then go to your local store and see which one you think looks and feels best. I do a lot of my online electronics shopping here: Great prices and service.
even try local " bestbuy " They are so big and get so much there prices are cheaper then newegg ( I use them all the time, love em " newegg " )
If you see one on newegg get it, they are best electronics online.
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