Diff types of Worms in one day?


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Okay one more question for the day:

SO I'm a little paranoid right now because the other day, one of my chams had orange in his urate. I never see him drink so lately, I have been feeding him soft bodied worms to help hydrate. So my question is...

For the record, is it okay to feed your cham different types of worms in one day. For example, my 5-6mo panther: today ate 7 crix this morning. This afternoon when I came home I gave him 1 meal, 2 butters and 1 hornworm. Is that alright to do? If I wanted to give him lets say: butterworms, silkworms, hornworm and wax worms (one of each) all in one feeding, would that be bad for him?

Just wanted to make sure it was safe to give him different types of prey all in one feeding. Not necessarily a lot of each but maybe just a 1-2 of each.

Thanks you guys!
Yes, it is fine to feed different food types in one day. Out in the wild they may not eat the same thing twice in a day at all depending on what's available. The limitation of what we normally offer in a day is just for convenience in captivity.
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