Depressed/giving up/ secretly ill??


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Hey guys,
I started a thread about 10 days ago about my yemen girl, she's 9 months old and I hate to say it has had it rough.

She had a burning incident where she burnt her casque which was treated by the vets when she was 4-5 months. She then had to have an emergency operation as she had trouble forming eggs and it was just a mass of deformed folicals so she had to have a full hysterectomy just over 2 months ago. She seemed to make a full recovery eating happy etc.

however, she's been odd the last 4 weeks, she went though a seemingly difficult shed and had stitches removed and now she's not eaten other than what I've reluctantly yet gently force fed her which are silk worms. The only thing shell naturally hunt is wax worms but I know the rules with them and had been overly tight with them.

She's losing weight and I've not seen her drink other than when she's in a shower and shell drink the splash backs. Her aggression has got very hostile and won't hesitate to lunge to bite not bunt.

She's regularly at the back of her viv and can show very sad colours, I've been to the vet and he couldn't find the problem as she didn't show immediate symptoms of anything but as a lot of you know you know when there's something not right with your chams, it's breaking my heart seeing her like this because she used to be so active, friendly and a total trooper in the food department.

I don't really know what to do has she given up?

I know she been through hell and back with stress factors and I feel it's all my fault...


I am sorry I can't give you any help or advice but I wanted to say don't blame yourself. I am sure you are doing all you can for her. I hope she perks up again soon and someone can give you some help.
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