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Hey everyone, I've had my veiled for a little over a month now and she is great. Only thing is, I never see her drink all that much, ill see her lick her face and stuff after I sprawy down the cage, and she will stand right there and hang out in my mist as longer as im far back enough so its just mist floating on her as opposed to possibly hurtful spray lol.

Anyway, Her eyes looks great still and she's very active and eats like a horse. Like I said she does drink when I spray her, plus I have a mister and a dripper in there. I just don't see her drink as much as I'd like to.

So my question is, after having her for a month, if she wasn't getting enough water would I see any signs whatsoever by now?
There are many people who never see their chams drink. As long as you have the dripper you know then you are providing extra water besides the mistings. They can actually drink the mist also, so if you see her licking her lips then she is drinking. The thing you want to look for is in her poop, the white part should be just that...white. If it is yellow then maybe a little bit dehydrated and orange more so. And like you said the eyes will start to sink in. If the urate is white, don't worry about it!
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