Dehydration’s relationship to eyes


Chameleon Enthusiast
Credit: Petr Necas
Dehydration and eyes...

Itnis a common
Belief, that heavily dehydrated chameleons have eyes sunken in the eyeholes.
And, this is TRUE!

There is also a reverse belief, that if a chameleon has sunken eyes, it is dehydrated.
And, this is FALSE in a vast majority of cases!

Sunken eyes can be idication of stress, disease, mood, sleep, excitement etc etc.
So, no need to heavily hydrate the chameleon if he has sunken eyes.
First, look for other symptoms of dehydration,
Lost skin elasticity
Prominent ribs, bones on extremities, vertebrae
Ober 60% of orange crystalline urates over the while ones
Dry mucous in the mouth
Dry and somewhat closed eyes
Lowered activity and mobility
Extreme light weight

And only if dehydration is clearly diagnosed,
Take Measures...

On the picture: is it dehydrated or not? What is your guess?!
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