dehydrated?? VERY worried


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We got 2 babies last week and have been trying to make sure that they are getting what they need.
I'm really worried about the little boy because his eyes have been closed all day (he's had ongoing eye issues) and hasn't eaten since yesterday morning.
I'm afraid he might be dehydrated. We've taken lots of steps to boost the humidity and give them opportunities to drink but we've only seen him drink once. Before he had a good appetite and that was reassuring, but now he's had his eyes closed and hasn't been eating or drinking.

they are in a20 gallon acquarium with 3 live plants (2 pothos, 1 ficus) and 1 fake plant.
they have a uva/uvb light and a 75w basking bulb.
the temp is in the low 70's and under the light, warmer.
we watch the humidity all day long and mist them every time we see it drop (at least 4 times a day)
we put in a little bowl of water that suctions to the side of the tank, and it has an air filter in it causing it to continuously bubble. it drips down onto one of the pothos plants.

like I said, I still have not seen them drink much
I'm worried! he usually has a good appetite, but hasn't eaten in about 24 hrs. he was skinny to begin with.

What can we do?
any advice would be appreciated


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Aquariums usually aren't recommended for chameleons. Screen cages are usually best for them. I keep my veileds low temps in the 80's for most of the days, and the basking temps should be up near 100. Two different thermometers are the best way to make sure you have a good temperature gradient going for them. And with that I'll leave you to the rest of the community since they are more knowledgable than I have class in about 3 minutes. Anyway, good luck, and even if your baby is a dehydrated, there is still hope yet...
What kind of plants are those in the picture ? i have some schefflera n ivy ,dracaena, i might want some of those.
in the picture he is sitting in a lemon tree outside (getting some sun), but in their tank they have pothos & ficus.

He finally opened his left eye (just now) but keeps the right one closed most of the time. He also ate 3 crickets! I'm still worried though. does everyone else see their chams drink?
isn't there an eyedropper and/or pedialite thing I could do? How does that work, and should I do it?
When my cham was dehydrated, I used an eye dropper and some of the original formula pedialyte. All I did was drip a little on his nose until he realized what it was and he eventually opened his mouth for me and I just dropped it in. I gave him as much as he would take in one sitting. Good luck.
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