decisions, oh decisions..


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Currently, I am trying to decide whether I want a Nosy Be or a BB Ambilobe.
I love them both, but I can't afford them both.
Before I resort to a coin toss, I'd just like to know: Which one do YOU prefer? (put your reasons!)


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Well I don't have either, but I started off with the same debate. It depends on the ambilobe, for starters. And of course, personal taste. My favorite colours are yellow, blues & oranges. The ambilobes that are just glowing with yellow or orange just blow my mind. They have all three. Some are more just dark green & red, which can still look very cool, but not quite so much in my tastes. Also have to keep in mind, that that's just when they're fired up, right? If thy're always calm, you might hardly ever see those colours, that's what made me change my mind about the first ambilobe I was after, the breeder mentioned that the sire, while unbelievably gorgeous, hardly ever fired up like his picture, while at rest he wasn't much to look at. In that case, i imagine nosy be's are probably a nicer all-the-time colour to look at. Some of them have those crazy yellow cheeks, which I love, and ive seen some with nifty orange on their eyes, and then one lady has one really rare one that goes yellow all over. He's supercool. :)
Anyways, the point is that it's all about personal taste. And the other big point is how your individual guy turns out. There's no guarantee they'll look exactly like their dad anyways. Especially with the ambilobes, there's a lot of different colour patterns there.
In the end I couldn't decide, and I wanted to guarantee some yellow, so I got a mitsio instead. But I didn't want to miss out on the blue, so I got a faly too!! lol. :D


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I'd go for the Nosy be, personally. I have both and think that my nosy looks prettier more often. I love blues to death, and while my ambilobe can get really dark most of the day and then fire up amazingly, my nosy be always looks good I think. He's either bright turquoise or dark teal, but it always looks pretty to me. So I'd go for blue :)

But if you're a fan of lots of different colors then go for the ambilobe.
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