Deciding on the correct cage and who to buy from.


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I'm at a little bit of a crossroads right now. I'm just wondering if I go with the screen cage, does the humidity and the heat from the cage affect the room you decide to keep your chameleon? I've seen the all glass enclosures but they are quite costly. Also I'm planning on getting a baby veil from one of the breeders who are sponsors on this forum. So any help I could get from anyone would be very much obliged. Thank you to everyone in advance :)
my room is warmer by about 10 degrees but i also have 3 cages in say screen over glass due to air circulation but the glass enclosures are used in europe with no problem .. depends on how much work your willing to keep it up i guess.. both come with their own pros and cons so choose the one that fits you.. i went with screen because i didnt want to deal with cleaning glass...stagnant air and mobility, screens are lighter and generally moving a med cage outside for a lil sun is easier than moving a galss one...male veileds get big..close to 2 feet and need alot of space and the grow pretty fast as well..females will need a cage pretty much the same size if you plan on keeping a laying bin in the cage once she hits about 4-5 months old..
With a veiled, screen is the way to go, they do NOT need higher humidity.

Check out Penn Plex cages at Chameleons Northwest. Plexiglas front, and they are sturdier. Best screen cage out there, but they cost a smidge more.:)
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