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I am new to Chameleons. Actually, that's not completely true. About 20 years ago, I had a chameleon named Camille. She lived unconfined in a ficus tree in one corner of our living room. One morning, the family woke up to at least a dozen baby chameleons running around. In a panic, we tried to collect them in a shoe box, but every time we lifted the lid to put one in, two or three jumped out. Back then, the resources available for raising and caring for chameleons were not nearly as extensive as today, but we enjoyed having Camille as part of our family.

At the Daytona Reptile Expo this past weekend, I adopted a pair (probable male/female) of red body, blue bar Ambilobe Panther chameleons. These little ones have landed in bug paradise. I have been raising dart frogs for years, so there are all kinds of bugs and worms on hand they will like to eat. I am very excited and want to share a few photos of them with you.


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Hi and welcome! I am also in the Jacksonville area- those are adorable babies you have! This is a great place to get information about husbandry and health issues.
For Jannb:

I appreciate the links, and to answer your question...I bought them from Dr. Kevin Oppenheimer of Dr. O's Tie Dyed Chameleons. Parents are Evangeline and Bacchus.

For FlChamMom:

Nice to know there is someone else nearby. PM me if I can be of help to you in any way.
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