Day light savings


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My cham waking up this morning an hour early was extreamly grumpy... i forgot to set his clock an hour ahead sunday so this morning was especially bad for him he just didnt like the hour change. Did anyone elses cham get grumpy??
Yes...He was probably more pi$$ed than me having to wake up early. Why do we even have daylight savings time? It causes more trouble than its worth.
Its so we have that awesomely awesome winters daylight savings where we get more sleep YAY.. all we have to do is put up with this headache..
Not sure when our DST starts - can't be far off now.

I'm sure it was something to do with farmers, ( at least here in the UK anyway ) it was to give them more light to work - i may be wrong though.
It is out-dated now though. :)
Daylight savings time was originally not implemented to give more time to work, but in fact to give more time to leisure...

By artificially moving the daylight hours later, people essentially wake up in the dark, but have more light hours in the afternoon/evening. That gives them more time in the sunlight after working hours to use for leisure activities (the guy who invented it was a golfer - that's not a joke).

These days, governments try to justify DST by saying that it saves energy in the evenings (because more sunlight means less use of heating and lighting).
However, it obviously increases energy usage in the mornings. Supposedly the savings in the evenings outweigh the increase in the mornings.

We don't use it in South Africa, but I've often thought it would be nice to come home and have an exttra hour of daylight after work. And even in the mornings, the sun comes up early enough so that would still be daylight on my way to work.
My guy is NOT a morining guy. So yeah.. grumpy would describe him. I'm taking advantage of the time change and letting him sleep in. I will keep him up later. It is important that he get the 10 hour cycle in the winter and the 12 hour awake cycle in the DLST/spring/Summer. And it regardless of the one hour we switch the clocks to, there is the natural sun cycle that allows the world to rest more during winter which is a healing/recharging necessity for all living beings. Very much relates to farmers, as their DLST days are long and laborous. One cannot go like that all year 'round.
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