Day 1 Hand Feeding Success!

Just wanted to share my excitement from today's successful hand feeding! We got a male juvie veiled last week. We left him alone for the first week so he could settle in and let him get used to seeing us around, only real interaction was when we would put his buggies in but we never attempted to get close to him, just gave him space. But today I got horned worms and held one in my hand super still and within five minutes he came down and grabbed it! I am so stoked!
Question: what is the best feeder to do this once a day with? He is a voracious eater and eats primarily gut-loaded dubias but they are too fast and will run off my hand!

The Wild One

Chameleon Enthusiast
What I do is put a dab of peanut butter on a roaches back, it flailed it’s arms around like crazy to get the chams attention.
This is what I used to hand feed the female that I had. Now I get to start the process all over with my male. He's still too scared to take anything off of my hand yet.
Our little guy is so aggressive and grumpy but he is more food motivated. Such an angry little man he is. Best of look to you in your hand feeding endeavors with your male!
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