Darwin looks unhappy


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I have a 2 yr. old female, Senegal chameleon that I've had from a baby. I handle her at least twice a day, because she loves going into her outdoor enclosure. She is very sweet and climbs on as soon as a hand appears in her cage. I only feed crickets and I dust with zoomed reptical with D3. She will only drink from a drip cup which I was often( no soap) and she drinks readily. Her fecal waste is good and she has been tested for parasites. Last night I came home and no one had taken her in. The temp outside was 65*. My house is airconditioned at a steady 76*. She was happy to eat 2 crickets for me and everything seems fine but her color bothers me. She looks like she's moldy although as time goes on she seems to be getting her color back. I'm fairly new to this. Should her diet have more variety? If so, give me some suggestions. I have fallen in love with this little animal and I want to give her the best care possible. Thanks Cindy
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