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My cham has had a string of dark blue spots lately. Last week he had a few small ones on his side, but they're gone now. Recently he's had several large patches on him. What could be causing this? Is it just his pigments learning new colors, or bruising somehow, or something else? I've attached a couple pics of them, to see if that would help.

Also, he has what appears to be a blister on the top of his left eye. Any idea what would cause that?


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You can kinda see the blister in the second one, but not very well. He won't stay still long enough for me to get a good pic of it.
He could be burning himself... though I'm not sure, how far away is your basking bulb?
In my opinion that's too close, I think that the basking light should always be suspended above the cage so that the cham cannot get too close to it to burn himself. He might be screen climbing and burning himself that way, though that's only if you have a screen top. Someone else might have a different idea but this is my thought. I have heard of chams sometimes shedding the skin and the burn being shed with it.
It's hard to tell from the pic, but it's probably a thermal burn. Especially if you said he climbs on the wire that the light sits on...is there maybe a way that you can put something between the light and the cage, like a little wire box, that way the light is still shining into the cage but its up off of the top so he can't get to it.
I'm thinking of getting a couple 2x2 pieces of wood, or something similar, to use to rest the lights on. I've got him outside with no lights, just the natural sun, right now to give him a break.
I just bought 4 9" long pieces of square wood that's 1 3/4" thick each and nailed them together into a pair of two that are now 3 1/2" thick. I'll use them to hold the lamp off the cage. Hopefully that will help.
Well I just made him a bigger cage, that's about 20x20x24, using hardware cloth wiring for the sides and top because he was starting to rip his claws out on the screen cage he was in. The lamp usually just sits on the screen at the top, but sometimes he'll climb onto the wire directing underneath where the light is.
I cant tell from the pics, but it could be from burns or possibly bruises (maybe from a fall into a tree/branches?) I dont know about the eye since the pic isnt good. If you post better pics it would help. The dark patches I recommend watching them to see if more develop or if they go away/lessen. Maybe take some pics every few days to make sure of it. As for the eye, a vet visit will probably be needed, but better pics could help the vets/experienced members help determine what it is/how severe it is.
Ok, when I can get a better pic of his eye, I'll post one. I'll have to wait until he's sleeping, since he's not fond of me sticking my hands in his cage. I think I've got a particularly unfriendly one :/
Most of them are fairly unfriendly. Its just how chameleons (especially veileds) tend to be. When you figure all this out, you can try hand feeding him to get him more used to you.
Most of them are fairly unfriendly. Its just how chameleons (especially veileds) tend to be. When you figure all this out, you can try hand feeding him to get him more used to you.
He'll usually eat mealworms out of my hand, but he hasn't in a while. He doesn't seem to really eat that much lately, to be honest.
I can get my hand near him if I ball up my fist and move it near him slowly, and sometimes can touch him, but that's about it. Picking him up just won't happen lol. He's got quite a bite on him.
Oh, well thats a start. His appetite might have slowed because of his eye. Have you noticed that it slowed right around when his eye got bubbly?
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