Dark Panther Chameleon


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Cage Info:
Cage Type - Zoomed 18*18*36
Lighting - 70w basking spot lamp, repti zoo 15w T8 linear uvb
Temperature - 20-30 degrees Celsius, 30 degrees Celsius at the basking spot temp? night temperature 15-20?
Humidity - 60-90%, a fogger and a mistking, mist 3 times a day, 1.5min each.
Plants - using fake and live plants (cordyline red)
Location - on my table, isn't near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Panther, male, about 1 year and 6 month
Feeding - dubia roaches, hornworms and superr worms. feed every other day, 4 roaches and 2 worms. gutload mainly by carrots and grapes
Supplements - dust with zoomed calcium everytime I feed him, zoomed vitamin once a week
Watering - I use a dripper, I see him drinking some times.
Fecal Description - the urate is white with a little yellow at the end, the consistency is just fine
History - He was in light orange color when I bought him last year, but during the winter, the color graudully turned darker. These weeks, he looks dark almost all the time except eating and sleeping. But it's interesting that every time he gets out of the cage he directly goes to my bed and turns lighter regardless of my presense. And today, I saw him eating a leaf.
Current Problem - He looks dark almost all the time except eating and sleeping
All of the pics below were taken today. the first one is taken on my bed, the second is how he looks normally, the third one is taken when he's hunting a Dubia roach
He sure looks nice! Have you changed lighting since you've had him? It could just be age or you need a replacement light. T5 HO are great.
Iover the years I have bought a couple of male panthers that were beautiful and bright when I bought them and then never again had those colors. I think it might be a stress thing sometimes.
Sounds like normal behavior and his colors are working and brighten up when he's excited. He was probably super lit for you until he got comfy in his new place. I bet getting out of the cage is exciting enough to brighten up a little. My guy will go almost black under the basking lamp until he's warmed up for the day and starts exploring. Then back to dark towards the evening.

Super cool patterns on your guy!
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