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I have decided I am going to start my own photo thread with pictures of Kronk...

Here is day 2 in his new home... I was almost late to work today because I was watching Kronk for too long... :D

Here are some new pictures of Kronk from over the weekend.

I think he is getting ready to shed he has some flaky skin around his eyes. But he seems to be drinking well and eating ok. He is only eating about 6-8 smal crickets a day. I am going to try and get some other foods for him to try out soon.

Kronk is very cute!! I saw that he's upside down in the one pic, just make sure the heat lamp is up off his cage or else if he sits under it too long, he will get thermal burns.
No problem :) It breaks my heart to see the threads come through that say "HELP, what is this?!" and it's a thermal burn on their baby cham from it sitting up under the light.
Nice video, they are so fascinating. Its weird, its like, you have these amazing eyes, why don't you just LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING haha
Ok, so the daily dose of Kronk isn't really a daily dose. But I have to tell you even though Kronk is very cranky, he is so much from just to stand and watch. I have come close to being late to work a few times because I wasn't watching the clock in the morning while watching Kronk.

Here is a picture take of him yesterday. He really hates the camera coming anywhere near him. He just had a shedding on Saturday (his first one since I got him a month ago).

with flash:

Without the flash:

Sometimes while he is hunting for crickets he shows some really nice greens with some hints of blue and red in there. But it is hard to get photos of him when he is hunting. I am going to try and get some photos of him with my Nikon D40 instead of my iPhone which all of these photos have been from so far.
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