Customized Chameleon Misting System

Good Morning My Fellow Chameleon Enthusiasts,

I have three questions:

-What kind of nozzle, do you use for your misters?

-I have a standard 24 X 24 X 48 cage, should I just use one nozzle?

-Lastly, how often do you guys typically run the mister, i.e. how long each time and how often?


Chameleon Enthusiast
- my vote is mist king nozzles. Very fine mist and wide spray pattern.

- Depends on if one nozzle can wet the whole cage. I use two nozzles in opposing corners on my cage of the same size.

- Species of chameleon will dictate how often and long to mist. Veiled and panther (Most commonly owned chams) generally its suggested to mist atleast 2-3 times per day at atleast 3 minutes each time. Montane species will require slightly more misting. Important thing is to allow the cage to dry out completely before each misting and mist long enough for the cham to both clean its eyes and actually be stimulated to get a drink off the leaves.

I usually suggest having the first morning misting be the longest since this is when the chameleon will drink the most.
I have a mistking, with a total of three nozzles in the cage, the nozzle in the right side where the majority of my plants are is T’d so there are technically two nozzles, and then in the left side of the cage is just one nozzle. I have it set to go off 5 times a day, three minutes in the morning at 7:30am , and then a minute and thirty seconds every misting spaced pretty much evenly until 6pm. The mistkings in my own opinion are bar none the best humidity/hydration/plant watering/etc systems out there.
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