Custom Outdoor Feeder Bin Cabinet?!?!?


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Good afternoon!

Well I'm back with all of these crazy custom build ideals and even though this isn't an enclosure, I'm looking for opinions. I throw random stuff in my head, trying to decide if these random stuff would actually work or not. My mind is in constant ideal mode, running about 100 mph. I probably should of took woodworking shop in high school or something. I did take Drafting in high school and have blue printed house designs that I made. So maybe that's the reason lol.

Anyways, I went though tons of ideals though my head. Adding extra storage to the stands of the enclosures, took them away, added over ideals, etc. But this one has stuck out the most. Since Dubai roaches do better with reproducing ect. in temps above 85 degrees. I figured that it may be easier to leave them outside. But then I thought what if my landlords start asked questions about a plastic container on the porch. And this is where the ideal developed.

Dimensions: 24x36x30
This leaves enough room for 4 feeder bins: 2 roach bins and 2 cricket bins. Also leaves room for other storage. The cabinet will be on wheels for easy moving. Then I can also put 2 24x18x36 outdoor enclosures outside too!

So... any suggestions would be very much appreciated! =)
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