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For sale (pickup only in CT). My custom built chameleon enclosure. The main enclosure and top is constructed out of solid oak, which was preserved with poly. The base is constructed out of stained/poly pine. Included is a Mistking plumbed for two heads, an ATI 6 bulb (T-5) lighting system, and basking light wired to a dimmer switch. The dimensions are: main enclosure is 48" tall by 25 1/2" wide by 25 1/2" deep, top is 12" tall by 25" 1/2 X 25 1/2" the base is 25" tall 34" wide by 30" deep. Total height is 85 inches (7'1"). The enclosure beaks down into 3 sections. Willing to sell for $1000.00. The light alone cost over 600. Enclosure sold with all vines etc. but no live plants. 20221009_131014.jpg


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