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A year or two ago I stumbled across an artist who makes different soft sculptured toys, some of which happen to be chameleons and I’ve purchased a few of these, namely the limited edition Snowmeleon and Skelemeleon. I’ve worked with many different species of chameleons over the years and a few are near and dear to my heart so I got to thinking that it would be cool to have Abbey make some custom made chameleons based on actual specimens from my collection. I proposed the idea, sent a few pictures of the Trioceros cristatus and much to my delight Abbey was up for a new challenge.

I didn’t have any preconceived ideas on what that final product should be but I wanted her whimsical take on my animals. Didn’t involve myself in the design process but when she sent my final photos and I was blown away at how lovely they were. They arrived in the mail yesterday! :D

These are one of a kind toys and I can not be more thrilled with them.

Mrs. Cristatus:

Mr. Cristatus:


And here are the original pieces that started it all.



Here are some more of Abbey’s chameleon pieces: (Some of those Panthers are stunning! You can totally tell locale they are!)

If you are reading this Abbey thank you so much. I’m delighted with you and your work. I don’t think you know this yet, but the Trioceros goetzei are next. ;)

Thanks for looking everyone.


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Oh Tracy I absolutely love them. Your Cristatus are both totally awesome. Do you think she would make some for me?
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