Custom enclosure remodel. (Couple pics)


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I have a new chameleon on order and I decided before it arrives I'd like to redo the enclosure.
Before I touched it up the wood was starting to show through in some spots. It was dirty and stained and needed a total refresher.

First I scrubbed and cleaned all the interior parts of the cage. Let it sit In the sun to fully dry, then my wife and I taped off the main sections and with multiple coats used up 3 cans of plasti dip. After letting sit outside for two days the fumes had dissipated And I brought the cage back inside.

While the plastidip had been drying I went to local lowes and Walmart for some foliage.

Of course I researched my plants to make sure they were on the safe list, I also had some large saguaro spines I wanted to incorporate into the enclosure. Hooked up the aqua zamp,tested it, Moved some stuff around, then After fitting everything in and routing my vines and spines i was done. And it came out looking good if I don't say so myself.

All that's left is to finish my feeder milk jug. Then the new Cham will be right at home!
The cham is still very young, so he will have to grow into it. But the plants are pretty small too so hopefully they will fill out as he does.
Since he is young i plan to use a feeder cup to monitor his eating and make sure the large cage isnt causing him to have trouble feeding.
It looks great so far. I really like the color contrast and that it looks like a china cabinet-type piece of furniture. The only thing I would suggest is possible adding more horizontal branches/pathways. I used to have a lot of vertical sticks like you do now and my cham kept climbing around on the screen sides and using the vertical sticks for a sleeping spot. Once I added more horizontal pathways he started using them instead of the screen to roam around on.
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