Custom chameleon cages and drain table in progress

I've been working on this custom cage setup for a couple weeks and figured I'd share. I'm currently working on building the actual cages and have all of the frames built, I just have to put them together, paint, and put the mesh in, but the table is mostly done, just need to paint the bottom part. The resevoir for the water to drain is at a 15 degree slope (roughly) for water to drain into a central resevoir/bucket. These cages are too small to fit (obviously) and the cages I'm building are 20x20x48 because I want to make sure the cages are all spacious enough, right now they are too small; they work but it's not a long term thing, my chameleons are starting to get too big for these smaller sizes and need more room to roam and hunt.

I'm looking forward to posting a progress update on the cages I'm building. The table is large enough to put 3 20x20x48 cages side by side with room for a spacer between each cage in order to block the chameleons from viewing one another.

I hope this helps all of you spark some ideas for your chameleons setups or inspires you to do a little woodwork!
Just finished staining the table! New plants are already in the cages as well. Still need to get some more vines but the palm leaves are long enough to reach the top and strong enough to hold the chameleons up while basking, so it works for now. Next step, mist king!
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