Current cage setup and questions. Comments??


Hey everyone!! This is my dragonstrand 24x24x48 screen keeper cage. I've got a T5 HO double bulb fixture with a 6% uvb Arcadia bulb and a 6500k florescent bulb in it
Also two dome fixtures (from walmart) one with a 75w reflector incandescent bulb made by satco
The other with another 75w plant grow bulb from blubrite
I want to know if this might be to much light or heat? I dont know yet because I dont have the flora and branches in the cage yet and I also dont have my temp gun yet. Just figured ide post progress anyway.
I have many concerns like are the bulbs going to be way to close and possibly cause burns? Do I need to raise them off the screen top? Are the walmart brand fixtures going to focus the heat enough to be effective? Let me know your opinions please?


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You won’t know if temps are right until you check them. Use an infrared temp gun, and a digital thermometer. You need to know the exact temps of the basking area (to decide where to place one), and the temp at the top screen as the chameleon will climb underneath the bulbs. I wouldn’t be concerned about the T5, but the other two may need to be raised off the screen. Once you have that nailed down, put in your sticks, vines, and live plants. I constantly monitor temps at 5 different levels and areas of my enclosure. This guarantees no burns or high/low temps.


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would raise the bulb off the cage top, if the cham climbs on the screen top then he or she may burn their belly. not so much afraid of the uvb bulb as i am the heat bulb.
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