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Hey everybody I have a rather curious question. Something I've kinda noticed but not read up much about. Does a chameleons eye sink in when it's stressed or scared? Cus my chams eyes look perfectly fine until I decide to put him back in his cage after his free ranging. His eye turrets sink in (as though dehydrated) when he starts to get stressed. Is this normal? Thanks in advance!
Do you have a Yemen (veiled) male cham?

I think I have seen this before as well but never paid much attention,
when my guyz get really mad, I just turn and walk away from them.
Ya its normal. If i pet mine on the head he will suck his eye balls in in protest like he hasnt had water in a month. And on the same note they will also severely bulge their eyeballs out and spin them around for a cleaning cycle.
Yeap. I got a very handsome male veiled. Good to hear its normal cus it gets rather confusing especially since no one ever brings this up. Thanks for the info!

Edit: here's a photo of Mr Chameleon!

WOW the image is HUGEE. How do I scale it down? Lol
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