cultivating maggots?


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So I've recently started cultivating my own maggots by placing some fairly old banana pieces in a rubber bin outside where its warm and houseflies can lay. Once the maggots are developed I make sure that they only eat clean non-meat foods (basically the healthy things you gutload crickets with). Has anybody tried this method before in order to feed your chameleons clean-maggots and houseflies?
It's difficult to culture without some "meat" product. Once they are flies the only meat left is fly meat. It also depends on the flies. I like the bigger green bottle and even larger blue bottle flies. I do not mess around with houseflies. The only problem with protein, I believe, would be if feeding off the maggots fresh from the medium when they are full of it.
Good luck with your "trial". I have learned a lot with my own trial and error when I started raising my own flies for my mantids.
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