CUC how long does it take??


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I set up Lizzie’s cage to be Bioactive about 3 month ago. I had an ant problem and started over about 2 month ago.

Today I played I. The dirt, and I can’t see any CUC. No ISO’s or springtails.

How long does it take for them to be visible? Or are they hiding?

I haven’t seen any of Lizzie’s poop for almost 2 weeks now... so my CUC population is either hiding or Lizzie has constipation.

Not sure if i should be worried, or add more CUC ( which i wanted to safe for Max, once his cage gets here.


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Nah, she’s never on the ground. I bought a cup of each. Didn’t count them, to be honest. They where hard to see.
They might just be hiding but it’s hard to say. When I feed my isopods protein they go nuts for it. It took them 14 hours to clean up a dubia.
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