crunch time for Lucky

Fate X

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well now its time for Lucky to finish laying her clutch shes been forcefeed carnivore and doses of calcium and shes back in the egg laying chamber,she seems strong my hope is that she lays the rest of her eggs,9 days ago she laid 33 eggs then stopped ? now after being to a vet and getting xray,carnivore food shes back for action and if theres no eggs tommorow then shes going to get a shot tommorow then she gotta lay them because i dont know what else im gonna do.
i put her in about 2pm i had started a hole for her , at about 6pm i looked in and she covered over the hole but she had not laid her eggs.sha was on the branch i put in the chamber and she looked like she wasn't gonna do anything accept go to sleep.
its 1am and i have not as much as opened the room door i don't want to interupt her if shes laying eggs even though i would like to check out the situation.
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