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Hi All,

Just out of curiousity...Is it possible to crossbreed chams of different species/subspecies within the same genus? (e.g., chamaeleo trioceros werneri X chamaeleo trioceros jacksonii)

Just out of curiousity...if it's possible, or has been done?

=^_^= Eric

Chris Anderson

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Yes, certain closely related species do naturally hybridize in the wild (Ch. calyptratus x Ch. arabicus and less commonly, F. pardalis x F. oustaleti for example). I don't think this practice in captivity should ever be attempted however.



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hehe...i thought this question might generate some ethical concern. while i'm a mad scientist in career, as a pet parent, i do care about my little ones and would never attempt anything that might risk their health or that of their offspring... :)

what actually prompted this thought was my recent discovery of a new canine hybrid that i'm considering getting (in the far far far off future....otherwise my apartment will truly be a zoo)...cutest lil thing i've ever seen...
called a "chi-poo" or "chica-poo" or "wa-poo" (it's chi hua hua X poodle hybrid)....

thanks for the info!!!


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