Cross Breeding the Panther???


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I have a number of questions involving the cross breeding of panther chameleons. I know that cross breeding is absolutely frowned upon by many I also know they're admired by many. But my big question is which locales are most popular or well known to cross breed if crossed. Is there a cross out there that no one can resist? Which cross is an absolute no no? Which cross makes the most beautiful babies even if your against the thought? Just cuious to hear what people think.
i'll tell yah a quick story once upon a time a guy named Jay Sick bout aN amazing nosey b blue male one envied all across the land. He was and is amazing as time went on he searched far and near for a female finally he successfully found a f1 female nosey b so female for him and a male for his cousin in Indiana. Months later after they have breed Jay calls his cousin and asks how cham is doing he sends back a picture of a beautiful Male Ambanja. What was even more amusing is that he had just breed his blue with The female 2 days prior so due to a seller mistake I now and I mean liter-lay now just dug up my Nosey B BLUE /AMBAJA CROSS EGGS LOL.
Hmmm that sounds interesting. I wonder what they'll turn out. Goodluck on your clutch. Do you usually have a high hatch rate? I hope they all do(hatch). You should end up really happy because I know their gonna be beautiful blue is my favorite color lol.The amazing blues the nosey be can reveal and the awesome rain of the ambanja you should have a clutch that's unique. Congrats on your clutch I can't wait until I start to breed. I have a male and female veiled which should be ready soon. I just bought my first panther he's a BB Ambi.
The most common cross would probably have to be Ambilobe with Nosy Be. I personally really like it, as you're most likely to get the type of panther I like the most which is a solid red and blue panther. The entire clutch will not turn out like this, and you'll get animals across the entire spectrum, but I really like panthers that are red and blue without any other colors.

If you're curious about seeing crosses, check out the kammerflage page ( and look through their breeders. They have big cross projects as well and most of them are absolutely stunning.
I love the red and blues also. I can't wait until I can breed. I have 2 veileds which I'm gonna breed shortly, when my female becomes receptive. I'm now a first time owner of a blue bar ambilobe, he's so awesome. Now I'm addicted thanks to Drcrossfire now all I can think about is more more more. Here's a pic of my big baby Hannibal sired by Romeo he's not quite 5mths yet I will breed him in the future..Soo Excited:D:rolleyes::D


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yea im stocked that both are f1 and both look amazing but i was not intending on it i wanted pure nosey b's cause my guy is gorgeous. But i will keep ya'll updated my hatch rate was awesome with my last clutch so let keep em crossed and see
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