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Is this a good place for my crickets? I have gut load mix in there and a potatoe. What should i put in there for them?
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Looks fine.
I use damp paper towel for a moisture source rather than potato.
I would add some dark greens (romaine, collards, kale) it will boost the calcium % in gutload as well as add an additional water source.
What dry gutload are you using?

I like to put the gutload on a dish low enough for crickets to get onto - makes it easier to replace food. Start saving the toilet and paper towel rolls and use them instead of the egg crate. It makes it a bit easier collecting crickets. With gutload I offer oranges and apples for mositure and usually a green leaf veggie such as collard green.

Also, go out and get a second bin so that when you need to clean the cricket bin (which should happen AT LEAST once a week and more often with warmer temps) you have something to transfer them into.

I dont know anything about the ESU gutload but my money is on that its crap. Checkout

It's probably a fine food to build your feeders diet off of. I've never used it and can't seem to find a breakdown on the ingredients.
I don't think a dry gutload should be used exclusively, so I add greens, squash, green beans, cooked egg, powdered milk and grape and apple slices.
Stay away from spinich, tomato and brocolli.

thanks a lot guys. Do you happen to know any good gut load brands that are not on the internet. I don't have a credit card so i can't order anything online.
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