Crickets eating paper ???


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So I thought I would try but loading my crickets and put them in a plastic tub. The next day I noticed there were small bite looking marks on the paper I put in ( don’t have egg cartons yet ) is that ok or should I just release them and get more when I get the egg carton? ( the paper wasn’t news paper but wasn’t magazine paper it was some where in between)


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Is there anyway you get get toilet paper or paper towel rolls? I save mine and use them so they can hid in them. How are you gut loading the crickets? What are you feeding them? If you have proper food they shouldn’t want to eat the paper. You can get some cardboard from and empty box to make hiding spots for them until you get the egg cartons.


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Theyll often chew the paper where the food was touching to get any of the crums/residue. Roaches, supers, etc will do this too. I just lay food on paper towels or tear off pieces of brown paper bag I get from the grocery story. Your crickets are fine though, just give them some good food and feed them off.
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