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hello! so i want to feed my chameleon and i have about 60 crickets hanging out in a platstic box, my question is. how can i get a couple out without having the crickets jump out of their home? there is also a little window on the top cover that i can open up but i cant fit my hand inside. help!
Turn the cup upside down and shake some of the little suckers out of the hole!.
it won't hurt them, if it does, no biggi they're just gonna get eaten anyways!!
Depending on the size of the container, a paper towel/tp cardboard roll works great. You can shake out the ones you need... they aren't very bright, however, so make sure you shake them out at least once a day so they eat/ for gutloading purposes.
I use a very large pet pal...

I break up those large flat egg cartons...and fill the pet pal about 3/4 full of the pieces...staggering the pieces (vertically) so they leave room for the crickets to live in between them....

I lay the food on top of the egg carton pieces which I have laid across the vertical ones....the crickets never have a problem coming up to eat the food.

When I want to get the crickets out I pick up the top couple of pieces and shake them off, set them outside the pet pal. The crickets are always sitting in the vertical pieces and if I pick them up I can shake the crickets out into a large tall deli-type container...dust them and deliver them to the chameleons (after I put the egg carton pieces back in place in the pet pal).

Once in a while a cricket will jump and escape when I'm doing this. The bigger the pet pal, the less chance there is of this happening.
if you are only feeding one or two chams there is a product out there callled a cricket keeper, it has tubes going throught the lid you just slide out a tube shack out how many you want. works great!!!
Do you have egg crate for them? If so, then you can use long tweezers to pick up a "cup" and pull it out. You can buy amazingly large tweezers through medical supply, but you can also get ones that are about 10 inches long through pet supply stores.

They're also sold at craft stores for "stuffing" stuffed animals.
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