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I just ordered my 1st batch of 1000 crickets but was a little uncertain on the size. If I order 3/8" how much are they going to grow over the 5-6 weeks it takes for me to use them? I don't want to end up with a bunch that are too big at the end but I also don't want to have really small ones to start with. For you 5 month old (guess on mine age) Veiled what size do you order?

I have found that the crickets growth is in sync with my cham's growth. Meaning that they don't seem to get too big too fast. If they are a little small at first you may just have to feed a few more for awhile.
My crickets don't grow as quickly as a lot of sources tell you they will, probably because I keep them in a closet with no heat source other than that at which the room is kept (65 - 72 degrees).
I also have them breeding in this container without me even trying to encourage it.
I am finding pinheads all the time. I have added a little dish of soil for them to lay eggs in now, but have no intention of putting much effort into cricket breeding.
Anyway, keeping them cooler seems to slow the growth rate a bit and make them last longer. I ordered 1/2" crickets that are not 1 inch yet and they came 6 weeks ago.

That is what i wanted to hear, thanks for the information. Hopefully 3/8 is the right size if not I will know for next time.

just curious

do u dampen ur soil Brad? I would like to put some soil in my enclosure.
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