cricket pen question


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does anyone use the exo terra cricket pen or any of the ones with the black sliders? i'm just wondering if they are in fact worth the investment. is there room for veggies/fruits? thanks in advance guys.


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I have one of the small ones with the black tubes. I like it because I refuse to touch the crickets, I wait for them to climb up the tube and shake them into the cage. There's room for veggies and everything in there. I only have 1 cham right now, so the small cricket bin is perfect. I went to petsmart today and they had signs up about a big reptile sale. They may be a few bucks cheaper than normal right now.


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I have the small one! I love it, I do wish I had purchased the bigger one though so I could keep more crickets ! I find that they tend to eat/kill each other when there is too many in there! The most I feel I can get in without wasting is 30 give or take! Any more and i feel I am taking out a lot of casualties!
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