Cricket Breeding.


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So when I got my veiled on Wednesday, I also purchased 300 small crickets to start out with. Unfortunately, some of them will grow up and be too big for him to eat, and I'll have to buy more before I run out of small ones. They're all edible sized now, but soon they won't be. There are plenty of places near my home where I can purchase more, but I live out in the country, and it may turn out to be much easier and cheaper just to make em, instead of buy them.

I have the breeding container, and egg laying cup. Egg cartons, food, etc. I wanted to know what kind of dirt I should use for them to lay eggs into. I have some organic potting soil left over from replanting my schefflera, can I use that?
You want a mix of topsoil/sand/vermaculite and maybe some water crystals mixed it.

Your goal is to keep humidity level constant while keeps mold to min. organic potting soil might just mold or grow other things, instead of its job of just keeping the eggs moist.
Ok thank you! Looks like it'll be a week or two before they're ready to breed... they haven't started chirping yet, but I'll have everything ready for when they do.
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