Cricket breeding questions


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I have a 7 month old female veiled Chameleon and I mostly feed her crickets... I would like to cut my cricket cost and just go ahead and start breeding them... does anyone have any tips for me? I have researched the topic and it seems fairly easy... I have my laying box, the egg cartons, and a wet paper towel in a dish... I have been feeding them cat food and veggies is that OK? What can I use as a homemade Gut-Load? Will the eggs hatch even if the temps are around 75-80 degrees in there.... What foods are high in calcium that I can give them so that I worry less about if my cham is getting enough calcium.... Can the crickets be kept in the same cage, like can I just let the babies hatch with the adults and just let them all grow together or is it better to have a second cage? If I have to buy a Gut-Load what is the cheapest? thanks ahead of time for all of your help...
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