Creeping Fig? So confused!


I want to get a creeping fig for a pygmy vivarium im about to set up and i want to know if the creeping fig is safe but ive heard that they are fine yet others say they are toxic. Please let me know, thanks!:)
Well would it be bad if the crickets ate it?

Creeping fig isn't that much different than F. benjamina that many of us use in cham setups. Crickets are not very likely to chew on the leaves unless they are really starving! (so leave a bit of gutload available in the cage for them). Pygmies don't tend to chew on plants if I recall correctly. The only concern with Ficus is the sap which can irritate eyes, but the cham would have to break off a green twig and get the fresh sap directly into its eye to cause a problem.

You may be reading plant toxicity info meant for other pets. I have used one sort of Ficus or another in every cham setup I've had over the years. Never once had any sick chams due to using it.
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