crazy worms in the ground found while gardening?? good or bad?Help


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so today i was takeing allot of plants out of the garden
and found some odd worms.. 2 look like tebo's to me..
and other 1 is a hornworm.. thats what i think because he is green
and the other brownish one i think is a silkworm.. or any kind of silkworm..
he only releases some green liquid from the same leggings a silkworm has
anyone femliair with these ones?? thxx 20130504_153836.jpg

nick barta

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They look like the larvae from the Crane Fly insect. In the US, they are found in lawns(they eat the roots), and somewhat in flower beds. The green one does not look like a hornworm to me...possibly the same worm by the sectioning, maybe a fresh molt?


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the brown ones look like cranefly larva. I've fed them to chams on occassion with no issues, but the quantity has always been very low.

the green one looks like a moth larva, and you'll want to know what plants its been eating before you feed off (feed it yourself for a day or two to clear out anything in its guts that may be bad
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