Crazy Enclosure Ideal... Opinions Needed


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Good morning,

I'm hoping to be able to buy myself a Christmas present this year. I'm crossing fingers and hoping to be able to buy a panther. So that being said I'm gradually putting ideals on paper for an enclosure. BE WARNED IDEALS MAY CHANGE!

But here's my ideal so far:
I know that bigger is always better, so size of the enclosure will be 24"x30"x48". I already have lots of safe plants: 4 umbrella trees, 3 ficus, a croutons, and a pothos. Plenty of foliage! So instead of have 9 individual pots the the enclosure, I was thinking about making a wooden planter box.

The planter box will be 24"x30"x20", waterproofed and plastic sheeting wrapped inside to prevent water damage. Still working on drainage solution. But the stand under the planter box will be 24"x30"x10x. Still trying to work this out.

Anyways I'm also working on a outdoor enclosure for my cat. She loves being outside, but keeps getting bullied by the landlords cats so this is what I was thinking. 24"x30"x48" enclosure with an area for her litter box, an 36" tree log with 3 shelves.

Please le me know your thoughts! Thanks in advance!


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I dont know about the cat one (just not able to picture it, i'm sure it will be great! :)) , but the Chameleon enclosure sounds amazing! Just an idea that I've been thinking about myself is hanging plants. I think for my next cage, I will figure out how to hang a ficus upside down, and then hopefully hang a pothos.
these are just my ideas, hanging plants will make it so much easier to clean though, no trying to wipe down around pots on the floor.:p

Hope your project turns out great!:D


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Chameleons, Beardies, and Wooden Enclosures... OH MY!!

So as previously stated... my ideals may change! And it has! But have a big huge question.

What type of lumber to use?
I know that pine is out of the question since it can cause respiratory problems. What would my next choice?

Also I know that aluminum is recommended... but does anyone else have a recommendation?

I have a frame started that's 20"x32"x36"
But thinking about what I'm going to do with my beardie. I know that bearded dragons shouldn't be together due to habitat requirements so please don't think that I'm throwing the chameleon and beardie together!!!

Just thinking aloud!


I may have skipped over it but are you going to over the soil of the planter box because the chameleon might get impaction and i know chameleons are different but since a lot of animals are safe with aspen, so do you think aspen would work well?


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Yes the soil would be completely covered. If I was still planning on doing the box I think that I would have it removable just to make it easier to clean if and when need to be. My ideals are confusing, I know. My husband even has a hardtime picturing it.


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So I took today to do some designs while my son played at McDonald's for about 4 hours. Talked to my mom about the the designs. She suggested cutting out pieces of the fit the shape of the pots so the can easily come out. I was going the line the plywood with plastic sheeting, with a drain in the middle. The water will go into a plastic bucket.

So this is what I'm looking at now:
Whole enclosure w/ stand: 24"w, 30"L, 78"H
Enclosure: 24"w, 30"L, 48"H
Stand: 24"w, 30"L, 30"H
Inside Stand: Plant pots, feeder bin, misting system, storage, and drainage.

Materials I'm going to use: 1x2x8 pine for frame enclosure, 2x2x8 pine frame for base, 1/4x4x4 birch plywood, aluminum screen, water sealant, and paint.

Let the project begin!
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