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I've made some major changes to my free range after loosing my veiled earlier this month. With the new set up, there are no places that a cham could leave the free range, but I've still moved the rat (who killed my veiled through the bars of his cage) to a different room. All of the plants are now hanging from the ceiling to raised up near the ceiling, making it as "escape proof" as possible.

So, now I'm choosing what should live up there, and I'm thinking about getting a Jackson's. I've been reading up on them and I've come up with this:
They need high humidity, 50-80%. Temps around 70-80, with a basking spot at 85, plus a temperature drop at night. Less supplementation than veiled and panthers.
Do I have correct info here? What exactly does less supplementation mean for a Jacksons? What supplements, how often? The ambient humidity in the room is around 40%, but I have an ultrasonic humidifier raised up to the free range, putting off a lot of mist up there.

Since the free range is rather large, I've been wondering if I could keep a pair of Jackson's. Forgive me if this is a stupid idea, but I've read that Jackson's often do fine in pairs or trios. Is this true? While I've read that there's generally more success keeping chams together on free ranges than in cages, I'd like to hear from people on the forum who I trust are knowledgable, rather than anonymous internet articles.

I've read through most of the recommended care sheets for Jackson's, but I'd really appreciate any advice anyone has to offer, especially from those who have kept them in a free range.
Everything you mentioned sounds good. In my opinion there is no 'escape proof' free range. The only escape proof free range is a big cage:D. Not criticizing you at all for free ranging though. Just be sure that there is no way for an escape from the room or any other obvious dangers wherever you decide to free range. As far as the supplementation goes, I've read that montane species such as Jacksons can be rather sensitive to over supplemantation, particularly preformed vitamin A. I use Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-All both the O (outdoor) and the I (indoor with D3). I only dust with the O formula about once a week and the I formula with the D3 about once evry 4-6 weeks. Give the feeders you give to your chameleon lots of turnip greens, carrots (limited amounts), yellow squash and apple. I make a dry gutload that contains the following; wheat bran, oat bran, dried unsulfured papaya, dried unsulfured apple, brewers yeast, alfalfa sprouts, spirulina, bee pollen, sunflower seeds, brown flax, buckwheat grouts, millet and pearled barley. I order all of these ingredients from an awesome place at I've had little trouble from my Jacksons with this gutload for the feeders, which include crickets, dubia roaches, mealworms and the actual beetle that mealworms morph into (Darkling beetle I believe). I have 3 babies that have grown from about 2 1/4" at birth on 12/16/2010, to about 4 1/2" currently (14 weeks old). Just be aware of the vitamin A levels in whatever supplement you choose. I've heard someone call Miner-All a 'low end product'- But I have used it for over 13 years with great results. Good luck!
Jacksons can eat darkling beetles? Cool, i always wait for them to die then throw them out, always seemed like a waste to me though. :D
Thanks for the info jdog. As far as the free range being "escape proof"... well, it's as close as possible. I've made sure everything in the room is chameleon safe, just in case. Because you're right... the only thing that's 100% escape proof is a cage! I'll post a picture of it later.

I am thinking about maybe giving the free range to the panther and putting the Jackson in the screen cage. I don't know... one of them will be up there.

As far as gutloading, that's pretty close to what I use for my panther and pygs. I'm not familiar with the supplements you mentioned, but I'll check on the vit A in my multivitamin. Thanks for the heads up on that.
Jacksons can eat darkling beetles? Cool, i always wait for them to die then throw them out, always seemed like a waste to me though. :D

Yeah- I tried offering them to her one day and she came alive for them, really seemed excited over them. Same thing with my Usambaras.
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