Couple of problems with plants


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Hi Guys,
Over many years, I keep buying plants for the chams only to see them die off within a couple of years from scale. Anyone know a safe way to rid the plants of this pest without harming the lizards? Or a way to rid them of the pest and then return them to the lizard after a safe while? It's annoying to see them on many plants again this summer...


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OK, since I got no response- a little update on this and a question for you plant experts.

It seems according to this-

That the two problems (black mold and scale insects) are connected.

My question now is about the horticultural oil. Does anyone know if this is safe for chams (vegetable based?). I was thinking of trying to clean one up and then letting it sit for a couple of weeks after the second treatment, then washing again with soap-water and rinsing thoroughly and then putting it back into a cage with a lizard and hopefully the "bad stuff" for the lizard would be gone by then...

This has been an ongoing problem with my plants for years and years. I don't seem to be able to buy scale free plants from lowe's or walmart. I'd really like to get it under control...

Anyone else unable to find scale free plants from lowes and walmart?


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I have never had a problem with plants dying from scale etc, but then, that's because I only use the plants we carry. ;)

How are you keeping the plants? Maybe you're overwatering/too dark/ etc more so than there's a real issue with the plants from a particular location?



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I've read they can be very difficult to get rid of.

However, how often are you getting new plants?

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