Couple of last minute questions on jacksons


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So my new addition will be here tomorrow and I'm pretty much set up just have a couple of questions.

First I know I should supplement less then for a panther but is this just multi vitamins, or less calcium ? (with and with out d3).

Another thing I seem to recall reading some people misting at or near lights out and also using a fan for some montane species, would this go for jacksons as well?
If you do use a fan what is the optimal placement? I'm thinking from the floor pointing at a upward angle and only blowing on part of the cage also would you have it on full time our on a timer (to simulated a breeze)

Thanks for the help all
multi vit and cal with d3 once a month and calcium with every new feeding. An ultra sonic humidifer is a GREAT item to have for jacksons aswell. I keep mine on 12 hours a day along with my lights. IDK about a fan but I place a small one blowing on my at times to to "changed it up" a little and my jackson loves it. As far as misting I mist about 5 times a day and make sure she has drank atleast once a day. I always mist b4 lights off. Wish you and your new jackson the best of luck:D
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