Couple of female questions


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So now I'm not sure of my girl's age. At first the previous owner said she was 3 months old when she got her 7 months ago, so I figured 10 months old. In an email to me this week, she said my girl was 6-7 months old when she got her, so now maybe she's 13-14 months old. Anyway, she had laid eggs just before I got her. So how often do chameleons lay eggs? She is a Dwarf Fischer's. Second thing is not really a female thing. I woke up to find she had shed overnight on Saturday night. How often do chameleons shed? She still has a little shed left on her nose and along her spine. She's not real happy with me trying to help her get rid of the shed skin, so I put a few extra sticks in her jungle to rub up against.That worked rather well, and there is a lot of loose skin all over her jungle, both leaves and on the floor. I had just done a total cleaning to include removing everything, re-potting the plants, and adding new Pothos vines and sticks for her to climb. Of course she made a mess right after the cleaning, but that's okay because it's her jungle and if she's happy making a mess, than I'm happy for her. So - how often for egg laying - how often will she shed?
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