Could this be 7 months old???


Hi everyone i am looking around for a new male veiled chameleon.

In South Africa we don't have large breeders like FLchams ect. so it is difficult to find chams here. There are a few private breeders that advertise in our classifieds but some of them are just doing it for the money i think.. or i know they are just doing it for the money.

Anyway here is one guy that i contacted about veileds he is charging R1500 for males and R2000 for females( about 150 and 200 dollars ) he claims they are 7 months old but they look younger to me maby like 3-4 months...

When i said to him the cham is small for a 7 month old male he said 'the males are not as big as the females they only get about 30cm whereas the females get 60cm'..... how stupid and ignorant can you get!

I would like to get everyone's opinion about how old this chameleon looks like, like i said he looks about 3-4 months to me. This is the pretty stupid pic's he sent me!


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I saw this guy selling as well. I also said to him that they are way too small for 7 months old.
There was thread posted on a south African forum about someone stealing a veiled from a shop and I have this funny feeling that this is the guy that stole the cham and he is trying to sell it now. In the pic he sent me the cham seemed to have some bruising and in the other thread the shop owner said that it could be seen on the camera footage that he put the veiled in his pocket, this could be how it got those bruises.
Hi Tyrone thanks for the reply. Yeah this guy sounds very suspicious he told me he had 15 veiled chameleons left and he also asked me if i don't whant to buy a flapneck from him. I can also see bruising on cham in the pictures he sent me. I'm not even gona consider buying from him!
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