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My daughter named our new guy Cosmo and he came in a little larger than we thought so I had to get his large cage together and just wanted to show it off a bit. It's your standard 2x2x4 screen cage from lllreptile. I used this same cage for my last panther and as an adult he would still try to climb on the screen. Because of is size he fell a few times and I wanted to avoid that this time around so this is my solution.

Its just some garden fencing that I cut to size and tied to the screen with wire

And the finished product all tied in and with some fake leaves and a pothos. I want to add an umbrella tree or a ficus but they must be out of season or something because no one around here has them right now.

I built a custom stand for the cage with some crown molding to partially hide the lights and stuff up top. I forgot to get a pic of it so I'll post that tomorrow. I have a digital temp and humidity monitor from petsmart, basic incandescent bulb for basking and a lightyourreptiles dual T5 6% Arcadia/grow light to keep Cosmo and his plants healthy. Or at least I'm hoping to keep the plants healthy since I always seem to kill them. I haven't decided if I want a mist king or aquazamp mister yet but one of the two will be added soon. I've been kicking the idea of a controler around but I'm debating if its really necessary. I guess that's about it for now, let me know what you think.

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Very well thought out, and well executed.

A thought on the Pathos; place a bar across the outside top of the cage, run thin florist wire down, and hang the Pathos in the upper 1/2 of the cage. This will put the cover where the cham is going to be, and near the 6500K bulb which will make the Pathos grow FAST.

Another trick to keep all the branches from landing on the cage bottom which will be a pain to clean around, is to use the hanging Pathos pot as your anchor, which will give you more horizontal branches than vertical.

The Pathos alone will fill the top 1/2 in a month or two with the 6500k light.

Keep being creative, your cham and you will benefit!:D



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Thanks, I've been debating on how to get that pothos off the bottom of the cage. Ideally I'd like to get some kind of tree in there. The wife likes the hibiscus, I bought a small cheap one to see if I can't mange to kill it.

I have to figure out how to set up the drain as well. I'm think about just placing a bulk head at the center of the bottom and running a pipe to a container. I wanted to get one of those trays from lllreptile but its an after thought and I don't have to room to fit it under the cage the way I made the stand.
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