Correct bulb for 5 mth Ambilobe male


So I've only been using extra soft white bulbs that you would use in your bathroom or something and have been getting great results. Although now that he is getting older and better able to control his body temp I'm wondering if I should use something better. I started with a 60w at three mths then just recently went to a 75w. I don't think the 75w is powerful enough to give a good spread of warmth around his bask. I mean its warm but really only in one spot. I have used a powersun in the past, but not sure about using it again along with the reptisun T8 5.0. The breeder recommended the regular day bulb and I've been getting great results. What do y'all think?

Here he is a couple days ago with a his electric cord playpen on the kitchen lights.
I use household clear bulbs for basking.

I use two bulbs on all my males cages, and one on my females.

It tends to get the temps more spread out.
In try a spot light of 40-50 watts, it should put out double the radiation of a round soft white. Just keep the basking temps 95f or less.

We have been having good luck with the home depot long life halogens that are 39 watts.
I decided to go ahead and turn on both the 75w extra soft house bulbs in my dual head today. I noticed good results, but I put him outside since its finally nice and warm out.
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