corn snake feeding issue


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So my cornsnake (11 months old) is the greediest little thing, normally. On 2 occasions he has escaped and eaten my hamsters (I now have a lock on his viv & my last hamster has a new, safe home)

2 weeks ago I gave him a frozen day old chick (thawed), the next week he didn't want his mouse, which is highly unusual. He pooped twice as much as usual & 3 days later I offered him another mouse & he refused that too. Today I checked on him and found he had passed the feet of the chick completely undigested. I'm now worried about impaction. I'm gonna offer him another mouse in a few days & if he doesn't take it I'll take him to the vet. I bought the chick for my female python & gave it to him cos she wasn't interested. He'll just be getting mice from now on.

Does anyone have experience of this?
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