Considering a Veiled Chameleon


Hi everyone.
Im new in this forum.
My name is Armando, Im really into reptiles... specially tortoises.
I have had a big enclosure of rescued tortoises for almost 10 years... Most of them where injured, sick, and were not taken a proper care from the owner.... so Im quite really into this.
The thing is...
I have always wanted veiled chameleons, so, right now im doing a big research on them. I like to be well informed and prepared before I even search for one.
I know how delicate get to be all reptiles, and I really dont want to injure my future pets...
So... any suggestions.. advices?
good place to adopt or buy one?
Thanks so much =)
Hi armando and welcome to the forum! Read up and research as much as you can on this forum to gain a good understanding of veiled chameleons and even chameleons in general. If you have any questions use the "search" feature to try to find your answer or start a new thread. A good place to buy a veild from is from one of our listed sponsors. FL chams are a good place to buy.

Good Care info for veiled made by Brad Ramsey:

ps. I keep tortoises as well and currently have a pair of sri lankan star tortoises.
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